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High Efficiency Filter:

Doulton Ceramic Filters have a filtration rating that are capable of removing more than 99.99% of pathogenic bacteria, and disease causing cysts such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia and particles. Click here to view performance table.

Long Life/Great Value:

The outer shell of the Doulton ceramic drinking water filters may be cleaned with a plastic scrubber in order to prolong the life of the product. In this way the filter can be re-used rather than replaced, giving it a much longer life-span than many other products on the market.... saving you money!  Add-up your weekly cost for buying delivered water or store bought plastic bottles of drinking water and your weight lifting efforts transporting the water containers home. Calculate your yearly expenses for the electric counter-top water filter systems and then compare the cost of a Doulton Ceramic Water Filtration System and the outstanding quality and taste of the drinking water. You will quickly realize the superiority of this ceramic filtered drinking water and the money and time saved. Click here to watch a video on how to clean your filter.

Anti-Bacterial Action:

The Doulton Ceramic Drinking Water Filter contains a proprietary system using nanotechnology to place ions of Silver into the ceramic matrix to act as a bacteria-static agent on the surface of the ceramic filter and serves in conjunction with the micro particulate filtration as an alternative to the need for ultraviolet light bulbs and electric power.

Retains Essential Minerals:

Unlike reverse osmosis, the Doulton Ceramic Drinking Water Filter, keeps those minerals in the water, which are beneficial to health.

No Power Required:

Doulton Ceramic Drinking Water Filters do not require electricity to function, which means that they are cost effective to run, are not vulnerable to interruption of ower supplies and can be used where there are no power supplies.

Benefits of Ceramic Water Filters

How it Works:


    1. Ceramic outer shell:  Micro filtration,

        removes particles down to 0.5- 0.8


   2. Carbon core: High- density activated

        carbon core takes out chlorine and

        trace organics improving taste and


    3. Heavy metal media: Contains heavy

        metal removal media which takes out

        lead, which is reduced through ion


   4. Anti-Bacterial formula: Silver is

        impregnated within the ceramic

        matrix to inhibit microbiological


How Does Ceramic Filtration Work?

The small and complex pore structure of ceramics makes them an ideal filter medium for drinking water. Each Ceramic Water Filter Cartridge operates in 4 stages:


Are Ceramic Filters Better than Other Filters?

Choosing a water filtration system can be a daunting task. So many factors need to be considered with selecting the right product for your family. We believe that ceramic water filters are a superior form of water purification. Here‘s a table below that we think shows why: